Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Outside Fun

Ivan drew out some plans for a fort he was planning to build with some wood from our old porches and other things we have at the house and then he set to work....
This is how it turned out...
Ellen...she serves as the cook, jury, and much more as this fort also serves as a court house. :-)
Andrew...the ready little man for whatever troubles may come. :-)

Ivan has continued to add more things to it, the most recent addition being a "telephone" made with some rope attatched to the walls and then tied to a stick. He has also made a speaker from one side of the fort to the other with PVC pipe. He has been very creative!

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grammie said...

What fun! Ivan Hoe...you are terrific! And it looks like you have much help in keeping that good looking fort running..what with your lovely cook/jury AND that very able guard. Yes, I would feel very like I was staying in a very fine structure with good food, justice AND protection. What more could a traveller want?
love you all