Thursday, July 10, 2008

Princess in Plaid

Alanna is definitly a night owl. :-) She is wide awake during the night, but rarely has her eyes open during the day. The pictures of her with her eyes open where taken in some midnight hour because we had tried to take pictures of her during the day and she wouldn't open her eyes. :-)


Charity said...

She is such a sweetie!!! She looks so big with a skirt on.

Patrick and Hannah Walsh said...

These pictures are so cute, and I love her little outfit. She's changed so much since I've seen her, and I can't wait to see her again soon! Love,

grammie said...

She is so precious!! Junior, she looks like you all over except her mouth!! I thought she was looking more like Ellen until I saw these pictures.....she has Peaches' mouth, but I think the rest of her is our Junior Faye! Let's face it....she wins either way!! :-)
lovin all of you

Susan said...

Very sweet picutres. It was good seeing all of you and seeing that sweet little Alanna in person.

Aunt Jackie said...

thanks everyone for inviting me to join the blog. Charity, I heard you were doing alot of the work for the blog, GREAT JOB!I am enjoying the pictures. Alana is precious and Uncle JD and I are so happy to see she is doing so well after the surgery. Our church will continue to have her on the prayer list.
Again, great job Morgans!
Love to all, Aunt Jackie