Monday, August 25, 2008

Ready for Church

Here are some pictures of our little princess all ready for church!


Joel and Leah said...

I love getting on the computer in the morning, and getting an update on what you have been doing. Allana looks beautiful! What a sweet little girl; we are praying that her tummy will learn how to keep food down better. Love to all!

Hannah411 said...

Sweet! In the second picture she almost look's like a doll! Later, Hannah

grammie said...

Hey Darlins! You all dress our baby princess so cute! Allana is so awake now and I'm sure she loves being your model. Thank you for sending the pics to my email too!
I love you all

Aunt Jackie said...

what a doll!
And that is what Allana looks like! that is a beautiful dress.I love seeing the pictures you post.
Love to All
Aunt Jackie