Monday, August 25, 2008

Things Andrew Says

Andrew has said alot of funny things lately and I've been trying to remember some of them. I can only remember a couple of things, but I'm sure this might make some of y'all laugh! :)

About a week ago, Andrew was riding with Anna on the riding mower, and they where mowing under some of our trees, Andrew said, "This is like going the car wash, because all the limbs are like the brushes. " As they drive out from under the trees, Andrew said "Now we are drying off."

He calls the garage a "barn" and the mower a tractor.

Recently, Andrew was looking at a missionary friends pray card at church and there was a man in a boat in the background. After studying it for a few minutes, he looked up at his Uncle Ryan, who had been talking to him and said, "Do you see that guy in the boat? He's a bad guy!" Ryan asked him how he knew and he said, "I just know about him." Ryan then asked him where he sleeps and he said, "Oh, he just sleeps in the boat." Ryan then inquired about where he lived (wanting to know the rest of the theory) and Andrew said, "He just lives in the water," Andrew's eyes got big, and then he said, " but sometimes he comes up on the shore and gets people!"

Andrew calls himself our big worker guy and LOVES to work with his Daddy.

He LOVES to kiss Alanna all up, and will kiss her several times a day. :)

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Susan said...

Very funny! But the part that got me the most was that Anna was driving Andrew on the lawnmower! Oh my word y'all.... you're growing up TOO fast!
Love y'all.