Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pretty in Pink

We where given the same dress by two different people for Alanna, so this morning we got some pictures of Alanna and Ellen's baby doll Felicity as Ellen has been wanting them to match and get pictures together.
When Alanna was first born, this baby doll was bigger then her, but now she's caught up with it! Ellen just loves to dress her doll in Alanna's clothes as they fit her pretty well. :)

Alanna is actually smiling in this picture!


Patrick and Hannah Walsh said...

Alanna and the doll, very cute!! Sweet pictures of her, and she's such a doll!

grammie said...

What a great expression on the real doll...not the fake (sorry Peaches, but it's true...your baby IS a fake). Alanna looks like she's saying "do you really think I'm going to put up with this much longer? do you think I don't know this kid next to me is plastic? what do you take me for?! Get real!" By the way, Cakes, I like your glasses!!!!!! :-)