Sunday, September 14, 2008


This morning we where able to get a picture of Alanna with each of her sisters. Unfortunatly, she had her eyes closed for all of the pictures!

Ellen and Alanna... Anna and Alanna... Charity and Alanna...


Patrick and Hannah Walsh said...

Love the pictures of all the girls! They are all very good, and I also like the bench ya'll are sitting on! The lighting in the background is pretty neat in the pics.
P.S. Thanks again Anna and Charity for helping me out on Saturday. I couldn't have managed without your help :)

grammie said...

Wonderful pictures Ladies! Alanna looks like a baby doll in your laps! And your setting for the pics is great! It looks like you are sitting on the "veranda" of a Southern plantation....yall....anybody want some tea? ......... no, would sound more like yalllll......annnnnybody want some taaaaaa....huh-yall?