Friday, October 10, 2008

Homasassa Springs

With Pop and Grammie down here, we decided to do something memorable. On Thursday, we
all went to Homasassa Springs.

Alanna wide awake and ready to go.
Riding the boat over to the other side of the park...we all really enjoyed that. Manatee...

Everyone eating lunch.
Andrew is happy to smile for the camera.

The outside of the under water observatory.

Looking at fish in the observatory... that was really cool, but it was kind of hard to get the pictures to come out clear because of the lighting in there. Alligators... this was Grammie's favorite animal there. (J/K :) Ivan, Ellen and Andrew watching the alligators.
Ellen and Andrew being cute.

Some pretty wildflowers.

A swan

Sweet 6-year-old

Twins :)

All-american bird


ReBecky said...

Oh wow!!! That's great that y'all went to Homosassa!!! We went awhile back and it was sooo nice!!! I'm sure you had a great time!!! What was your favorite animal or location?? My favorite was the underwater thingy. :)

Morgan Family said...

We all really enjoyed looking at the fish in the under water observatory.