Friday, October 10, 2008

Pop and Grammie's Visit

Pop and Grammie came down for a visit this past week. We had alot of fun with them and really enjoyed their visit. This was their first time to see Alanna and so they where extra anxious to
come down here. :)

Alanna looking at her Pop while he talks to her.

Andrew playing Play-Dough with Pop.Grammie took this picture on Sunday morning for us.
While they where down here, Grammie went birthday shopping for Andrew and he got to open his presents two months early, much to his delight. :)
He was given a cap gun for his birthday and as you can tell he was VERY excited about that.


Susan said...

I loved all the new pictures. Looks like y'all had alot of fun while Grammie and Pop were there.
Andrew with his new toys is very cute. The picture of Charity and Anna together is really good! Everyone of y'all are just growing up so much. Alanna has changed is so cute too... she's gotten so big and it's so sweet to see her smiling.
Love all of y'all!

ReBecky said...

How nice to open presents before your birthday! I'm sure he's enjoy his toy. :)