Saturday, December 06, 2008

Alanna is 5 months!!!

Our baby girl is five months old now - hard to believe. She changing so much and is just as sweet as ever.

She did really well with all the pictures when she was laying on her belly! She normally doesn't like it too much, but she was in an extra-good mood. :)

I think her expression in this picture is just too sweet.

Little Miss Cheesy with her double chin and pudgy cheeks.

Sober... Please excuse my drool, I'm cutting my first tooth! :)

Don't y'all realize that I am starting to get tired of pictures??

I'll put up with it a little longer now that you gave me my favorite toy!

I just love my teddy bear!!!
Like with Andrew's birthday pictures, this a post that is long overdue. I've needed/wanted to post these posts for a while, but just have not gotten to it.


The Anders said...

Aww...really sweet pictures of Alanna. She looks so cute!

grammie said...

She's gettin purttier and purttier!!:-) She looks great in purple! Sure would love to get my hands on that baby!!
I love you all

Susan said...

These are really sweet pictures of Alanna. I noticed when we were down there that she looks so beautiful in those colors. Love y'all!

Joel and Leah said...

Sweet outfit! I love those healthy rolls of baby chub. : ) I also enjoyed getting to see more of her differant expressions!
Love you...see you soon!! : )

Miranda said...

Awww!!! She's so cute!