Saturday, December 06, 2008

Andrew is 4!!!

Andrew at one month.

It's hard to believe that our Andrew is four! He is growing up in a flash. In a way though it seems as though we have been waiting a long time for his birthday as he has been greatly anticipating it and telling everyone that he is going to be four soon since February! :)

He is such a sweet, energetic all-boy little boy and we are so thankful for the four years we have had him in our family!!!

Andrew in February 2008.

Andrew today.

Since alot of the family was sick with colds and the stomach bug, we ended up just having a family birthday party here rather then having everyone (all of the family that lives around here) over for a big birthday party. Andrew was a little disappointed, but quickly got over it.

Andrew with his birthday meal. He REALLY enjoyed getting a big glass. :)
Exclaiming over his Bob the Builder cake.
The cake.

Opening presents...

Trying out his tricycle.

Anxious to see what the package will contain.

Happy when he finds that there is a truck inside!!!

Birthday decorations.


Patrick and Hannah Walsh said...

Cool cake, and it looks yummy too! Can't believe our boys are four already!

grammie said...

Wish we could have been there! I love the cake! Junior, is that your work? Excellent!! Love you all

Susan said...

Looks like Andrew had a really fun birthday! Cute cake.