Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Day

We had a great Christmas Day with most of our family on the Harding side. I was picture happy that day so I hope ya'll don't mind all these pictures. :)

Austin, Andrew and Ellen. They seem to think ( Ellen and Andrew) that you can't come to Grandaddy and Grandma's without playing the 18 wheeler game, or the semi game as they call it.

Abel and Austin

Zanna opening her tie quilt.

Joe and Ella wit her tie quilt

A sweet family...Ryan, Joy and Caden.

Joe and Ivan chillin'.

Tj and Susan... they matched perfectly.

Ellen Gloria...

Caden was happy to get a few minutes of "freedom", without any smothering from his cousins. :)

And, of course you could NEVER have a Harding get together without at least a game of football! :) There was football for the older guys and some of the younger guys...

And then there was also football for the younger guys with help from some of the oldesr guys.

Ellen, Andrew, Adrian, Austin, Jonathan, and Ricky enjoyed talking to each other on two way radios.


Grandaddy and Hannah-Lynn

Anna and Caden

The most recent addition to the Harding family....Annastasia Jewel.

Abel, Grandma and Joe talking.

Scrumptious rolls...these are always apart of the meal at the Harding Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.


Melody said...

Wonderful pictures!!! Ut was fun to see Austin on a few of them. :) THANK YOU for the delicious pumpkin bread!!!

Morgan Family said...

You are welcome, Melody for the pumpkin bread. We enjoyed making it! Also, the kids had alot of fun playing with Austin.