Friday, January 02, 2009

Candy Cane Snatcher....

Lana also LOVES candy canes. It didn't take a day with candy canes on the Christmas tree before she discovered that she could pull them off, break them and then peel the wrapper back and enjoy. She's done it so many times now but is learning not to touch them. Every time she did it she peek and make sure no one was watching her (or so she thought) and then she would grab it. Anna snuck and got this picture of her before she noticed that she was getting her picture taken! She's a mess! :)

Another thing she likes to do as far as getting into trouble goes is to find a pen, pencil, crayon or marker and start scribbling on anything. We found in the school room all layed out, looking so innocent, scribbling in Ivan's planner that she had gotten off his desk! :)

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