Friday, January 16, 2009

Family Game Night!!!

The Morgan family has started a tradition of having a family game night when our family comes up for a visit so on Saturday night after we got up there we spent a fun family night together.

On Family Game Night we had a "casual" dinner of chips and cheese, tater tots, and coney dogs or hamburgers. We even used paper plates and cups to make cleanup quicker! :)It was super! The little cousins enjoying eating dinner together at a picnic table in Grammie and Pop's entry way...

Alanna enjoyed getting held and getting attention from her aunts and uncles who where excited about meeting her for the first time!

Aunt Leah gets very creative when it comes to making up game ideas. One of the games we played, we had to hold a clothespin at waist level and then drop it into the jar. Anna won by getting 11 of her 12 clothespins into the jar!

Another game we played was a variation of hot potato. When the music started we would pass a bag full of clothes around and if the music stopped and you had the bag you would have to stop and take a piece of clothing out of the bag and put it on. Whoever ended up with the least extra
clothes on won the game!

Ellen getting a hat put on.

(Please excuse the blurry picture!)

Mom wnded up with alot of extra clothes. She had on a hat, purse and a flipflop...

Uncle Seth being goofy! :)

We had a great time playing games with everyone! We played 3 other games, but I just didn't take pictures. Thanks so much, Aunt Leah, for making that night extra special and helping to make some of the many fun memories we made on our trip!!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! I get to leave the first comment! And,as you see,I was true to my word. :) Oh well, it looks like you guys had loads of fun! ~Hannah

Morgan Family said...


Yes, glad to see you kept your word! :) Also, I am like you, I love being the one to leave the first comment. We did have loads of fun too!

~Charity :)

Joel and Leah said...

Thanks for bringing back good memories. WE miss you, Abby keeps talking about how she wants to see Ivan especially when we are going to Grammie and Pop's or church. : (
Love you guys.
Aunt Leah
P.S. Love the picture of Seth. : )

Aunt Jackie said...

I hope Seth has seen his picture! wouldn't that be cute on a political page!!!! loving the pictures, looking for more. Alanna looks like she was enjoying the attention of her "new relatives" Charity, you do such a great job with a camera!
Love to all,
Aunt Jackie

Patrick and Hannah Walsh said...

Looks like lots of fun. My keyboard was out of commission with a few letters, and so that's why I hadn't been able to comment lately, but I loved seeing all the pics from y'alls trip!