Monday, January 26, 2009

More Pictures from Inauguration Day

After the private swearing in we went to the reception. We got our food and then went back to the Ladies Gallery to eat.


and James looking cute standing in the entry way to the Ladies Gallery.

After we ate we went over to another big building to see Seth's new office. Dad and Seth talking in his office...

With his parents.

Sweet little ALlanna Cherish.

All of the Morgans who where able to come that day.

Adam and Abby sitting in the chair at his desk.

The view out his window!


Patrick and Hannah Walsh said...

Those are darling pics of all the little kiddos hanging out. They are so cute!

Joel and Leah said...

You sure got alot of pictures!! Thats great. Did Ellen like the way the ones on the steps turned out? That was so cute. : ) Miss you is DUMPING snow outside right now, and I have the homey sound of all the school closings on in the background...yes, that actually is a homey sound for me. : )

Aunt Jackie said...

great pictures! all the babes are so to all