Saturday, January 24, 2009

On the House Floor!!! (and more)

We watched the public swearing in on a TV in the Ladies Gallery.

They called up the state rep's in groups of 11 - there was 99 representative's total.

The original plan was for Debra and the kids to be the only people who got to go in since they would only allow 4 people on the floor per representative. But, at the last minute they decided that Adam could sit at Seth's desk on his lap with him and that there was also enough room for Pop and Grammie and two of his campaign managers to come in as well.

After a while they started deciding what people should remain in office and what people shouldn't, so all the new representative's got to cast there vote for the first time! Pop and Grammie came out and told us that there was space in the balcony so our family actually got to go on the house floor!!!

Architecture ...

The huge, fancy chandelier.

Check out all the laptops! :)

Seth and Adam

Okay, that's probably it for tonight, but be assured there is more to come!!! :)

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Patrick and Hannah Walsh said...

Too cool! Glad y'all got to be there, and thanks for sharing pics!