Saturday, January 24, 2009

Seth's Inauguration!!!!!!!

We spent Sunday with family and at church. On Monday, January 5th, everyone was VERY excited to head up to Columbus for Seth being sworn in as 36th district State Representative!

Once we arrived, we went to the Ladies Gallery of the Ohio State capitol and sat and waited for the time of the private swearing in. The private swearing in was at 1:30 and we got there at 12:30 so we had some time to spare. The kids got to enjoy coloring...



Anna and James Leah and James (yes, James is in lots of pictures! :)) Everyone sitting around

Ellen and her baby
Walking through the capitol to the State Auditor's office for the private swearing in.

Seth being sworn in. A happy family. :)

Now, for the public swearing in!


grammie said...

What an exciting time! And it was made the more special by the Brian Morgans getting to share it with all of us!
Thanks Junior, for the sweet memories you bring back with the great pictures on your blog!
love you

Susan said...

That's so great that y'all were able to be there for Seth's inauguration.
I loved seeing all the pictures, and seeing your other cute cousins! The grandchildren pictures are great.