Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Ellen and Andrew LOVE to play together. That is most of the time. :) A few days ago they got some little pots and where "planting" leaves. It was cute to watch them use their imaginations as they played together.

Ellen is very photogenic! I could take 20 pictures of her and she would love having them taken. :) She loves looking at them afterwords.

Andrew does not enjoy having his picture taken as much as Ellen does. His favorite part is DEFINITELY looking at them. Recently we had Hannah and her kiddos over for lunch and the first thing him and Adrian would ask after I took their picture is: "Can I see?!" Then they would comment on how they smiled or looked in the picture! :)

Giving each other a big squeeze...

Our little worker man.

Little miss musician and artist...she LOVES to play guitar, violin and piano and also does a great job at drawing and painting. The piano is the only instrument that she knows how to play a song on, though.


Susan said...

I love all the new pictures and updates. Fun to read about what y'all have been up to and the peronalities of Ellen and Andrew. Children are so funny about wanting to see the picture after it's taken. It's crazy how different things are now. They'll never have to wait to see how the pictures turn out after the film is developed.

Aunt Jackie said...

Great pictures. Your blog is always so interesting and funny sometimes. the children are getting so big. Alana is soooo cute. I can see why all of you want to hold and rock her!
Love and kisses to all,
Aunt Jackie