Monday, February 23, 2009

The Latest on Alanna...

She's sitting up on her own!!!!

She LOVES playing with her Daddy! (and her other family members for that matter)

She's started sucking her thumb alot

She had baby cereal for the first time a few weeks ago. She did really good with her first few bites and didn't even gag on it!

She waves Bye- bye and is scooting around some. She also LOVES to cluck her tongue.

She says Bye Bye, Dada, Mama, Hey and also shakes her head no. =)

She really enjoys playing in the exer-saucer!

With a bowl on her head...=)

She was happy when Ellen put this "shawl" around her. =)


Joel and Leah said...

YEA! What a great deal of growing up she has done! We praise the Lord! Her eyes always look so bright in the pictures. : )

grammie said...

Goodnight Darlins, what sweet, sweet pictures and video! You all are killin me! I could eat their faces off!!!! The Rose is growing so fast and just getting "purttier and purttier"! Junior, she's looking more and more like her oldest sister! :-) BAM, you are a wonderful older brother! I loved your singing and rocking! I love you all moocho!!

Susan said...

Wow, Alanna has really grown up since the last pictures I saw! She is one beautiful, chunky, little girl. Glad to see you posting again. I loved all the new pictures. Andrew and Alanna look so sweet together.