Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Little Computer Tech

Today I was uploading pictures and had Alanna in my lap. She started beating away on the keyboard, so we decided to let her have some fun. :) We got on Patrick and Hannah's blog andshe was just staring at the pictures of Hannah-Lynn and Brandon. She's really funny when she
looks at pictures of other little kids, but especially herself. She will look at herself and smile really big. :)
Now she is busy typing a letter to Ella. J/K :)


Susan said...

Awww... so adorable. She is getting so big!

grammie said...

Why don't you have a comment box that I can check called "PRECIOUS"????? :-)
love you

Morgan Family said...

Sorry, Grammie, that's the only comment box that I could use. :(

grammie said...

You'd think they'd tend to grandmothers better than that! Maybe I could write someone? Complain? Call a congressman? Maybe a SOUTHERN congressman! THEN I could have a "Ohhh, I could slap it's sweet face off, and get it's sugar!!!!!!!!!" box!
Thanks for the effort Junior :-)

Morgan Family said...

You are very welcome! You are hilarious!!!