Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fun at the Rainbow River Club

So, when Grammie and Pop visited we all went to the Rainbow River Club in Dunellon. We had alot of fun swimming, having a picnic,walking all the trails, playing pool, kayaking and canoeing.

Andrew loved getting to push Alanna.

All of us.



Dad teased Grammie that this was a snake and all it really was was a tree root! :) She believed him, btw!

Dad, Ivan and Ellen on the pull-up bar.

Our cute little man.

We had alot of fun canoeing and kayaking. This was the first time for Ellen, Andrew, Anna and I. Grammie stayed on the shore, took these pictures and watched Alanna.

Alanna chillin'.

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Patrick and Hannah Walsh said...

Makes me want to go canoeing! Looks like a lot of fun!