Sunday, June 28, 2009

1 Year Old Pictures...

I had alot of fun taking Alanna's one year pictures. I love photography and it is especially fun to take pictures of my little sister. She is such a little princess and it does get interesting trying to get her to smile without her mouth WIDE open. She's talking alot more now. She is saying Dade (Daddy), Moma (Mommy), Boiys (Boys), Bie Bye (Bye Bye), Utuh (Utoh), Nana (Anna), Babu (for Ivan and Andrew), baby, hi , hewo (hello), hey and no.

It's so cute to watch her be so curious about what is happening around her. She'll raise her chin up as high as she can so she can see what is going on. We have a couple of collages with old pictures in the hall way and she was looking at the pictures saying sissy, babu, dade. Dad was not even in the pictures but she just sees a picture and automatically starts saying Dade. She loves her Daddy. She'll squeal when he gets home to try to get his attention (squealing to get attention is her most recent thing) and then she'll say "DADE!" when she gets him.

She loves the phone although when a voice comes out of it and is talking to her she usually gets pretty speechless. The other day she was holding her bottle up to her ear and saying "Hewo".

She loves baby dolls. The other day I gave her baby to her and she squealed and said "Hi!" in this real high pitched voice and squeezed it really tight.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures of the little princess!!!


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She is such a sweet, happy girl!!!