Monday, June 01, 2009


Andrew had said and done some really cute things lately and I have remembered some of them.

Tonight he prayed for Justin in his new work -ever since Justin started working for DHE he has been praying for him- it’s now been over 5 months and he stills prays for him almost every time he prays at night. Tonight though he also said, “and I pray that Justin won’t have a ton of work so he can come home early.” Too cute!

Every Friday night he gets to sleep with Anna, Ivan or I. He looks so forward to it and sometimes has a hard time deciding which person to sleep with. Last Friday night he slept with me and I asked him if he wanted to get married when he grew up. (This is something that he is often changing his mind about. At 1 time he said that he wanted to marry Felicity and then he has also said that he wants to live with his sweet Mommy and Daddy for his whoooollllle life. J ) Now he says he doesn’t want to get married because he does not think he wants to kiss on lips
and he just wants to be a big worker guy.

He also tells me that “sometimes he feels sad because he has to get in trouble and he isn’t obeying God when he does wrong.”

Then I was reading him his Noah’s Ark book and he was talking about how “it would have been sooooo scary to have all the water coming up out of the ground!” And then when we got to the end he knew the answer to what the rainbow symbolizes and then he was asking me “how to draw a rainbow because he really likes the way they look.”

Then we where talking about how he can make Mommy happy by obeying her and he said that he can fold clothes and stuff because the Bible says “if you don’t work you should not eat and he likes to eat!!”

He is veeeerrrrry particular and will get upset if someone is coming over and his room isn’t perfectly done the way he likes it. Once, Anna arranged the stuffed animals in a way that he just loved and set them up on the bed so now he asks her to do it often.

He sets the table for breakfast and will get quite annoyed with Ellen if she hasn’t done the
silverware neatly (according to him :) )

The other day he was having a hard time falling asleep so I told him to close his eyes and count sheep and he said “Can I count flowers like I give to Mommy because I don‘t really like counting sheep?” So, I told him that he could count 1 flower, 2 flower, 3 flower and so on. When I walked out of the room he was to
around 13 and soon I checked on him and he was asleep.

He says that he does not like girls because they wear makeup on their lips (as he calls it :) ).

So, that’s all I can think of for now, but I thought ya’ll might enjoy reading this.


Grammie said...

Dear Ones!
Thank you so much for the musings from BAM! What a sugar he is! I can just hear him saying those sweet things. And I love the picture of Rosebud! It just gets prettier and prettier! Cakes' beignets look delicious and I hope to taste them from her hand when we visit next! :-) In fact, I printed the recipe. If I can't get my doughnuts to straighten out, I may try the beignets. :-) I love your new header! The close-up pictures are great!
love you moocho

Katharine said...

Thats so funny about Andrews little sayings, especially the ones about the Kissing and Makeup.... Too cute!!