Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Alanna!!!

Alanna turned one at 10:24 this morning!!! It's hard to believe a year has already passed since her birth. We are thankful that she has been blessed with one year of life. We LOVE you Alanna!!!!


Patrick and Hannah Walsh said...

Very sweet pictures of Alanna. Neat seeing the progess in how she grew up :) Happy Birthday Alanna!

The Anders said...

Such sweet pictures of a sweet little girl!

Hannah411 said...

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness!!!! Happy Birthday Alanna!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday Alanna.
Great job putting that together. She is such a doll baby.

Grammie said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to our beloved, little, blond Rosebud!! Thank you for the slide show! It was fun to anticipate the next month! :-)
And I love her pig tails!! How precious!
Peaches, we're tickled you like your bike! It sounds as if you had a very fun birthday! As usual, wish we could have been there!
I'm lovin each one! :-)

Melody said...

Dear Alanna,

I love you. Happy first birthday!


franny said...

Happy Birthday, Alanna!!! I wish I could be at your party:(

Joel and Leah said...

What a sweet reminder of how the Lord has been merciful and gracious in bringing Alanna into our lives. Happy Be-lated Birthday, Sweetheart! We love you!