Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In Her Own Words

A Note from Ellen about her Birthday..

My birthday was alot of fun. My favorite part of the day was swimming and finding out what my gifts where. My favorite gift was the bike. I have had alot of fun riding it since the night I got it.

It was really cool how they gave me my bike. The told me that I needed to go in Mom and Dad's room for a little while before I opened my gifts. While I was in there they snuck my bike into my room. Then they told I could come out. I opened my other presents. I got a shirt from my siblings, a dress and m&m's from Mom and Dad and a book and fancy little tea set to put up in my bedroom from Grandaddy and Grandma. Ryan and Joy gave me a really cute card and some stickers. Then they told me I needed to go in my room and get Alanna's passy. So, I went in there and there was my bike!!! I got on it and got to go ride it outside. I'm so glad Pop and Grammie gave me a bike! A little bit later we got to play Hot Potato which was fun too even though I didn't win.


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