Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Just the beginning =)

These are the first of our pics from O.H. These two where taken on the way. Alanna now smiles as soon as she spots the camera...too cute. Although she is a little miss cheesy in the picture she did not enjoy riding in the car for 16 hours AT ALL. :( Being confined for so long was very hard for her. Andrew kept wanting me to take a picture of him and then take pictures of other things on the road. Here's one picture of Mr. Cheesy. He was sooooo excited about being on the way to O.H. We left on Thursday mornig and got there late that night. Then on Friday night we had a family game night and we got to meet Jared for the first time although I didn't think of taking pictures.

Alanna had fun seeing all the little cousins and being able to move around. :)
One of the games we played you had to be blind folded except for the person in the back and then they had to guided you all the way around the house with everyone staying connecting. My (Charity) team was able to get all the way around this house. Andrew's not in this picture but he was on my team as well. It's was fun!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had loads of fun! And that game looks fun too! ~Hannah

Patrick and Hannah Walsh said...

Cute pictures, and looks like y'all had fun!