Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Big Baby Girl

I had alot of fun taking these pics of Alanna last week. She's such a doll and is growing up way too fast.

I love how she put her hands together for the pictures.


She kept messing w/ the stuff on the ground, picking it up and tyring to put it in her mouth. =)
She can stand on her own for 20 seconds... she kept pushing off my lap to stand up and I kept trying to get a picture of her standing. In this one she's waving to Andrew.
With her mouth wide open... she's started smiling more without it wide open but she still smiles like that sometimes.
Classic Alanna... this is my absolute favorite! =)

We sure LOVE our Princess and are so thankful for her!


Patrick and Hannah Walsh said...

Very cute pictures of Alanna! She's adorable!

Susan said...

I agree... very cute pictures... it was exactly my thought :)