Thursday, September 03, 2009

Celebrating 40 years of Marriage

Yes... I know it has been quite a while but I still thought I would post pics so those of you who wanted to see them could. While in O.H., we (Dad and his siblings) hosted a 40th Anniversary open house for Pop and Grammie. It was a fun, special night.

Aunt Leah did a fabulous job fixing most of the food (I'm glad she let us help some so she didn't have to do it all!) and decorating. The food and cake tables looked real pretty w/ the candles table clothes and nice dishes. We had crackers and cheeseballs and lots of fruit.

Click on the collages to make them bigger!


The cake.

Serving punch. A cute picture of Aunt Pat and Abby

All of we grandchildren sang, played the piano, and Abby and James even quoted a couple verses! It was soooo cute to hear the little voices and see the big smiles on their faces!

A slideshow of pictures, Dad and Uncle Seth speaking, Abby and James singing while holding their Mom's hand, Anna playing the piano.

My siblings and I singing, Brianna, Adam and Livie singing, and Ellen speaking

Cousins having fun.... The girlies where all walking around holding hands. Some Kiddos giving big "bear" hugs.

Ellen and Brianna, and Ellen running around afterwords.

After everyone had left and we were cleaning up we turned up the music and the kiddos had a ton of fun running around and burning up their x-tra evergy! Then it was time for all the sad goodbye's they gave each other but of course Brianna, Adam and Olivia where excited to find out that they would get to come to our house in just on more month!

Happy 40th Anniversary Pop and Grammie!!!


Grammie said...

Junior, what terrific pictures you took! Thank you so much for all the help you ladies gave and the beautiful music you provided....sweet, sweet memories. I love you all.

Mae said...

What a nice job you did on the page, Charity. We sure enjoyed getting to see you all and Christina was saying yesterday that we were going to Aunt Teresa's for Christmas. I think everyone else is important to her,but tell your Mom that her reading to Christina has made her remember her. :) Nice pictures of everyone. All the children looked so cute.

Aunt Jackie said...

what a beautiful bunch of cousins and friends! Charity, you do a beautiful job taking and posting pictures. I have also seen the DVD of the party and really enjoyed the entertainment!