Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Cordinating "Teams"

On the day we went to St. Augustine we all where cordinating in different groups, not even planning on it! Ellen and Alanna where the only ones who where planning too.

Brown and Pink....Charity, Olivia and Anna.

Brown and Green....Seth and Debra.

Red, White and Blue....Andrew, Dad, Adam, Ivan.

Pink and Yellow....Brianna, Mom and Ellen. (Alanna, too, she just wasn't in this picture)

So, anyways, that was the "teams" for that day! =)

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Grammie said...

What a treat! I opened your blog and found a precious treat! I agree with you about the serious pose of Rosebud, that would be my favorite too! And tell BAM that though I love his "old smile", his new one is terrific too!! Thanks for more pictures of the visit from the darlins from Ohio! Your blog is great, Junior, keep up the good work!
Love you all