Thursday, September 10, 2009

Last Thursday Dad's brother, Seth and his wife and kids came to stay at our house for 4 days. We had a great time w/ them and are glad they got to come!

The little kids had a ton of fun always having kids their age to play with. Adam and Andrew did everything together and got along great!

Having "church", cool dudes w/ their sunglasses.
Mom reading to all the little kids, Sweet brother and sister, Brianna and Alanna
On Friday we went to the Rainbow River Club and went canoeing a kayaking,had a picnic lunch and walked on some of the trails.
Brianna and Ellen swinging on our swing set, Adam, Dad, Brianna, Andrew & Ellen canoeing,
Adam and Ellen, Livie swinging, Seth, Debra, Adam & Livie canoeing, Andrew poking the ground w/ a stick (one of his favorite things! )

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Grammie said...

What a treat to see the young cousins together! It looks as if everyone had a good time! Wish I could have been a fly on the wall to just enjoy looking at everyone together! (and maybe occasionally land on someone's neck to get just a bit of sugar...and then right back to that wall!) Love you Darlin

The Anders said...

Looks like everyone had fun!

Susan said...

It looks like y'all had alot of fun together. Seth and Debra's children are adorable!