Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Latest doings and snapshots of Alanna

Here's all the latest on Alanna that I can think of at the moment....

She now says Mama, Dade, Hi, Hey, Baby, Baba, “Raaa!”, Sissy, Anna, cracker, eat, Boys, thank you, get it, Hello, utoh, more, and that’s all I can remember right now.

She llllooooovvvvveeeesss all babies, real or baby dolls. As soon as she says a baby she says “Hey!!” In her little high pitched voice and then crawls over to it if it’s a baby doll, if it’s a real baby she’ll crawl over to it, and try to mess w/ it’s hair, eyes and nose. When she gets a baby doll she picks it up, squeezes it, pats it’s back and starts rocking back and forth. She’ll go all the way
down to the floor and then raise back up while she’s rocking it. It’s too cute!

She likes to go up to the radio, turn it up and down and sing. She rocks back and forth and bounces up and down w/ the music even if it’s a Lullabuy! =) She then sings “Uh, eee oh eee sisise buu ee,” and on and on in her own little language.

She likes eating now (most of the time), LOVES chocolate, and her sippy cup when it’s filled w/ water. She likes to push the soft top of the cup where she drinks up against her tray and make a
mess. Then she splashes in it. Yesterday she was gagging out over sweet potatoes and then was happy as she could be when she got a peice off chocolate and kept wanting more.

She really likes swimming- splashing is her favorite part. She kicks her feet all the time so she really gets around. She actually likes it when other people splash water on her.

She now combines 2 words. Normally when you come in her room when she’s SUPPOSED to be taking a nap. She points under her crib and says “ Passy utoh. Utoh passy.” Most of the time when Dad leaves the room she’s in she says “Bye- Bye Dade!” and then looks @ you and smiles real big. When she is by the front door she starts saying “Dade, Bye-Bye”.

She finally started crawling around a month ago and is always on the look out for trouble knocking books off book shelves, taking stuff out of Andrew’s desk going through stuff in the cupboards and all sorts of other things. She can stand up for 20 seconds but seems more interested in crawling at the present.

Often Andrew says Raa! To her when she sees her which usually makes her laugh. Well, last night she was peeking around the corner and saw him and said “Raa!” and started laughing. =)

She must want to be a theologically sound little girl because she studies the Catechism up side down every day. She holds it all the way up to her face!

And one last thing that is hard to believe that she even understands… this morning Mom was getting her undressed to go get her bath and Mom said, “ You are going to go get your bath and then we are going to eat breakfast. Well, as soon as she heard eat she put her hands together, then pulled them apart and put some of her fingers in her mouth then acts like she's chewing. That was like her 3rd or 4th time to do that when she heard the word eat. What a smart cookie! =)

She gets told several times a day what a doll and princess she is but her head has not gotten to big yet! =)

singing her little heart out, sweet smile, going through her purse, letting Matt hold her,holding her duck close to her face, enjoying the pool, studying the catechism, curly head, relaxing after a long day =)

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Grammie said...

These pictures make me miss her sooo much!! I cried. :-(
She is so precious!! She really is showing more and more of her personality. And I completely agree with our little Rosebud...chocolate is MUCH better than sweet potatoes!! Thanks to my precious eldest granddaughter for blessing my heart with the photos of the precious youngest granddaughter. I love you all.