Tuesday, September 15, 2009

St. Augustine Fun

On Labor Day we went to St. Augustine. We enjoyed lunch and the afternoon there. We walked around the town and went into the fort. We also got to watch these guys reenact how the Spanish fired their muskets. That was kinda cool...especially for the boys. =)

(Click on the collages to enlarge.)

Two cute cousins who always enjoyed getting their picture taken, Ellen outside the fort, Cousins, A distracted Alanna swinging (she wouldn't look for any more then 1/2 a second for she was too busy watching everyone =) )

Andrew in front of a mill w/ his "new smile" as he calls it, kids on the playground,

Adam, Andrew, Livie, Brianna and Ellie swinging, Andrew, A water fountain

Boats, shooting the muskets,

Uncle Seth and Livie way up there, Palm trees- a common Florida scene, An old Pirate ship

The fort.........

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Patrick and Hannah Walsh said...

Too funny about the "new smile"!! Loved seeing all the pictures!