Thursday, September 03, 2009

Two Little Cousins

Alanna just loved Michael! He's only a month older then her but he is quite a bit more active so she had a hard time keeping up w/ him! She was always wanting him to come to her but normally he was on the go and she just sat there and put ther little hands out for him. She really loves all little kids. The other day she saw a little kid at church and wanted to give him a hug...she is hardly even around them but she just saw him and put her arms out.

Please come here because I want to give you a hug...

Now your big sister got you but I still want to give you a hug!

Yeah I finally get to!!!

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Mae said...

How adorable! Yes, I am a biased Mom but sweet that you got that picture! Love the one of Christina tackling him. :) He tackled her yesterday and she didn't know what to do. It was funny!