Saturday, November 21, 2009


As most of you probably already know, we went on a VERY long-awaited family vacation around 3 weeks ago to Pigeon Fore, TN. We had a fantastic time! :) THe computer has not been letting me upload pics but now I'm using the laptop because the internet on the computer isn't working so I'm able to finally upload them!!!

We borrowed a trailer from someone so we would have room for everything. Andrew had alot of fun loading them up....

Chickfila for dinner on the way was a special treat! We all love chincken sandwiches from there! And, no it's not intentional that there are only pics of Drew in those post it's just because the two pics I had of loading up and in the car are of him!

TONS of pictures coming soon!!!!! (If the computer cooperates, that is.)

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