Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The boys....

I just thought I'd post this cute picture of the boys that was taken when we got our family
pictures. I love how much Drew looks like a little man in this picture!
And I also wanted to let everyone know that there will be another boy in the family in late May, Lord-willing! EVeryone is VERY excited as almost everyone was really wanting a boy...especially
Dad and the boys.
To see the latest on the babies development, be sure to look at the baby ticker at the top of the page.


grammie said...

Good Lookin men!

The Anders said...

Great picture of the men. :)

Patrick and Hannah Walsh said...

Great picture of these two....lookin good!

Aunt Jackie said...

Charity, I enjoy your pictures so much and I especially like the captions! They always fit the picture perfectly. You are a very creative and talented young lady.The boys are so grown up! And that Alanna is adorable!Thank you for your hard work for the blog.
Love to all,
Aunt Jackie

Glidewell Family said...

Congratulations! Whoo Hoo!