Saturday, January 02, 2010

Candy Cane Snatcher

It wasn't a day with candy canes on the christmas tree before Lana discovered that she could take them off, break them at the curved part, peel the wrapper down and lick them all on her own! She started getting corrected for it so she would just peek and make sure no one was watching (or so she thought) and follow through with her little procedure. Anna snuck and took this picture without her noticing. All the candy canes are now off her level of the tree, thanks to her, so she's no longer in the snatching business! :)

Another thing as far as getting into trouble goes....Lana loves to find something to write with and then scribble on anything (including herself!). The other day I found her scribbling in Ivan's goal planner. She's a mess! :)


grammie said...

How precious!! Our "Little Charity" is such a doll!!

Susan said...

haha... too cute! :)