Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mr. Frosty

Here is the snow man that we built.......isn't he huge? Haha! ;)
We added a few inches after the picture was taken, but we we still only had about 7 inches


Anonymous said...

OH MY WORD!!! It's so big it's scary!!!! Not. Haha! Gotta' agree with Franny... cute! Little, but cute. LOL :) ~HaN

franny said...

Hey, sorry about that, Charity(you know what I'm talking about:)) The little frosty is cute!

Anonymous said...

What... you didn't mean the snowman....? Okay, that makes me look like a nut for agreeing with you! j/k :0) ~HaN

Mae said...

What a cute little fellow. Pretty amazing that you'll got snow. Ask your Mom if she remembers us getting snow in 1976? Grandma stuck Samuel out the door and got snow on his head. so, pretty amazing. :)