Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Princess of the family...

So, I haven't done many posts especially on the little princess for a few months now, but I should make up for it in the next days. I've been making posting other things a priority but now I decided it's time to do some more on her like I used to do all the time! And, our Internet has been acting up often lately so when you have time to post 2/3 of the time it doesn't work. But for now, it's working so I'm making the best of it!

This is her first thing in the morning before her hair get's calmed down a bit! =) She has taken after her oldest sister (me!) as far as frizz goes, which is unfortunate for her!
She loves her bubba as she calls him....
She's is learning how to feed herself!

I tied doing her hair half way for a looked cute when it was first done but eventually all the front pieces fell out. In this picture she's trying to put a bracelet on her baby's head! :0

She has also gotten into pretending....she pretends she's going to kiss you and then when you come over to her she doesn't do it except occasionally for Mom. She kisses real babies, baby dolls, stuffed animals and even toys without reserve but when it comes to older people it is few and far between. She loves to pretend to feed herself and her babies!

She's a ham and loves being the center off attention!
She thinks she's very grownup when she get's to wear Ellen's sun glasses and carry my purse around.

More on the princess coming soon!


grammie said...

Thanks so much for posting, Darlin Junior, I look so forward to your posts. I love all of you to pieces.
By the way, how about a picture of everyone in the new van?

Anonymous said...

How cute!!! And, is it just me... or does she totally look like Ellen in the picture of her trying to feed herself?! :0) Btw, missed you guys at church yesterday! ~HaN

Aunt Jackie said...

She is adorable, I agree with Grammie, how do you keep your hands off of her! Taht cute little face just says"kiss me"! And again, Charity you do such beautiful pictures. I love seeing how you and your family are growing up.
Love to all,
Aunt Jackie

Mae said...

She reminds me of you, Charity. You are right, she definitely has your pretty hair. Sweet pictures.

Miranda said...

She's getting so big! How cute!!!


Guest said...

Sugar, I love the new pictures on your header and along the side! You all are growing up so hurts my heart. Thanks for the update, I look forward to more! I love you all even if Ivan looks like he's almost ready to shave :-(

Anonymous said...

LOVE the new header!! Now it's time for a new post, girl!!! ~HaN