Saturday, January 02, 2010

A Recipe...

For Christmas we gave Chex Mix to all of our family who lives nearby or came to visit. It was really good and very easy to just takes alot of ingredients. The recipe is doubled and makes A LOT.

First you'll need to get your will need:

2 Crispix Cereal Mix
1 bag pretzel sticks
1 box cheddar cheezits
1 box white cheddar cheezits
1 lg. jar dry roasted peanuts (optional)
1 lg. box goldfish
2 pkg. dry ranch salad dressing mix
12 oz. Orville Redenbocker's buttery-flavored popcorn oil

I used a big pot just to help keep the shape of a medium size white trashbag.

Add the Crispix and Cheezits....

Add the pretzels and goldfish...

Once you've added all the ingredients except for the final two you'll need to....

pour 1 pkg. of ranch dressing mix over the top.

Close the bag and knead it in order to mix all the ingredients together well.

Once you have evrything mixed, add the oil, puring over all of it and the knead it again.
Pour 2nd package of ranch over and knead again. Knead GENTLY every once in a while and let
stand for at least 12 hours so all the tastes can mix together and the oil can dissolve in.


grammie said...

I love this recipe! And you did an excellent job in photo teaching how to make it!

Patrick and Hannah Walsh said...

Our children LOVED this stuff, and ate it up pretty quickly! Thanks!