Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winter Surprise!

Saturday morning....we had a welcome surprise....SNOW!!!! We had heard that there was a possibility for it to snow Friday night but we had also heard that there was possibility on Friday Thursday night but it never snowed so we figured it likely wouldn't end up happening. We were all VERY excited as we are sure this was a once-in-a-lifetime in Florida experience!!!

We had just rolled out of bed so if we look like we are only half awake in these pictures that is why! =) We put on about 4 layers before heading out into the 24 degree weather, freezing cold for us Floridians...well I shouldn't say we I should say I because some of the others where trying to get out there in their pj's without even a jacket. :0 I was really cold when I woke up - which I don't mind since it's rarely thaat way- so I decided to put on many layers. They where VERY anxious to see the snow. There was none visible on the ground because it had all melted, but on places like the pool deck and the swing set since they are off the ground there was some.

Just a little bit at the bottom of the slide

On the house roof

On the fort

Andrew and the snow. =)
On a piece of plywood

On the steps to the pool deckBrother and Sister

More snow...

Drew doing one of his five different smiles.

Shaped like a heart. =)

Ellen trying to make a snowball. : Snow on the deck.....

Ellen and her snow ball

I hope you Northerners have not gotten to annoyed with all the pictures of our 1/8 an inch of snow! I'm sure we seem kind of ridiculous! ;) Next time it snows here I'll consider not posting as many pictures! J/K I doubt that'll happen any time soon! :) (Unless something VERY rare happens!!!)

Oh, ya, this is the real weather at 9:00 in the morning on Saturday...believe it or not!!! For the past week the highs have pretty much all been under 50 degrees. In that way it seems like we are not living in Florida but somewhere in the north except for the fact that there isn't snow everywhere!


Joel and Leah said...

How Fun!

grammie said...

What fun!! You all are a hoot! Very cute snowman....good job with limited resources :-)
I love you people to pieces!!

The Anders said...

So I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought it was so cool! :) Uncle Ryan was picking on my about all the hype...I do know what real snow is all about. It's just pretty amazing that it really snowed here! :) Cute snowman. :)

Susan said...

No matter how much snow I see, it is totally amazing to see snow in Florida!!! Even if it just dusts over everything... you know how many years I lived there and barely saw any snow!?!! So Happy for y'all and your snow man is cute. :)

Glidewell Family said...

Good job with the snowman. Who says theirs global warming. I'm sure you wish their was global warming. LOL So much fun and your kids will always remember the year it snowed.

Patrick and Hannah Walsh said...

WOW,y'all really did get to see some snow. We did get any over here. It was neat seeing the pictures!

Mae said...

Love the picture of the computer with snow as the forecast. Too funny :) Absolutely amazing, can't believe I was looking at Florida pictures. Ellen with her snowball was cute.