Thursday, February 11, 2010

Life around here...

So, I'm sure some you all were very happy to see that I am posting something FINALLY and changed the header and background! =)

Our Internet hasn't been working much at all for the past few weeks up until this past weekend. We had the stomach bug :( for a few weeks from the middle of January up until the beginning of last week but thankfully everyone seems to be doing better now... well I better watch what I say because it seems that when you say something about how you are doing better or something you end up getting sick again! Friday night basically 2 weeks ago Mom got rid of the little bit of cooked rice we had left in the frig in "an act of faith" hoping that no one else would get sick since it had been several days. But then, what do you know, but Ivan wakes up with it in the night! ;( I'll shut up about being sick right now cause I really don't want a rerun or something! :0

This past week end my siblings and I stayed at Grandaddy and Grandma's for three days and two nights. I don't mind babysitting during the day but I really wouldn't don't want to have to stay with them all over night. You can call me chicken, if you wish, but that's just how I am. :) It was Lana's first time away from Mom overnight but should did great and was a doll as always! Dad and Mom stayed on the beach in Jacksonville. Sometime (hopefully very soon!) I'll post pics of the sunrise on the beach that Dad took and some of our time away from home.

Just realized how much I'd written, I won't "bore" you any more I just wanted to let y'all know that we are all still alive and haven't gone a mars expedition or something! :)

~ Charity


Hannah411 said...

Hey Chicken, :P Yay, FINALLY, a new post!! I think I pretty much already knew everything that you wrote, but I was still glad to see something new. :0) Hurry with the pictures! Btw... glad you guys weren't on a mars expedition... if you ever go, though, be sure to post pics! LOL

Joel and Leah said...

Oh, it definitely isin't boring. I always am happy to be updated. Praying that your current health continues. Love all of the updated profile pictures.

Morgan Family said...


FOr your info, I'll never will go on a mars expedition cause they aren't even available! But I DEFINTLY would post pics!

Love ya!