Tuesday, February 23, 2010

<> The newest piano student<>

Andrew started piano the beginning of this month. He is doing a great job and is alot of fun to teach as is Ellen. The first clip was taken after his first lesson, then his second clip after his second lesson and so on. He does a great job remembering to practice each day and catches on quickly. He looks forward to Thursday since it's lesson day and he gets to pick coloring pages to print if he has done a good job after the lesson. =)



The Anders said...

So cute! :)

grammie said...

I can't read music, can't play an instrument..BUT!!!!!!! I KNOW TALENT WHEN I SEE IT!!!!!
Great job BAM!! Great job Junior!!
I'll look forward to more of the same! Love you all, love those sweet little fingers too..and that sweet voice...what a treat to get to see and hear you.