Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our weekend...

We had alot of fun at Grandaddy and Grandma's. On Thursday we had to do school :0, and then we had fun at their house.

On Friday Grandaddy took us, Grandma and Frances to Cedar Key. We enjoyed it even though we didn't stay there for more then an hour or so because it was VERY windy and then it started raining. But, it was still fun to go out all together and do something. He got us KFC for lunch which we all enjoyed.

A self portrait on the way, of course Ivan had to be a dork for it just cause he loves to do that whenever we take pictures

The water was rough because the wind but it looks cool in pictures! ;)

A seagull...

I really like this one just cause I love the birds and the water in it!

The wind was blowing so strong that i had a piece of chicken on a plate and it blew off of it. Within seconds, the seagulls were fighting over it!

On Saturday we cleaned the church, the four youngest and G&G went to the flea market and then we stayed at the house. On Saturday night mom and dad came home. But, you probably already knew it because you likely heard Alanna's squeals all the way where you live! J/K :)


franny said...

That picture of the three of y'all is funny...I like Anna's hat;) The pic of the seagulls is really good!

grammie said...

Everything sounded like so much fun!! Even the wind and the chicken!! Wish Pop and I could have been part of the party!

Morgan Family said...


I'm not suprised you like her hat cause it's yours! ;) lol


Susan said...

I'm loving catching up on y'alls life. :) Charity, your writing is great... you're making me laugh. The pictures are also great... especially love Ivan's expression. That's what brothers are for. :)
Miss y'all!