Monday, February 15, 2010

"Pretty Purples"

Everyday now Lana asks to go outside and pick a "pretty purple" as she calls them. Now whenever we go somewhere and there are flowers she asks to "pick pretty purples". It's so cute!


Hannah411 said...

Aww... she's gotten so big & cute! :)

grammie said...

Beautiful pictures Junior! You all have flowers around your house already? As I type, we are having another snowstorm...expecting 5-8 additional inches in our area! So beautiful! Such interesting contrast to you all having lovely purple flowers! I vote Rosebud gets to pick as many as she wants!

Morgan Family said...


All we have right now is pansies....because they are supposed to even last through snow! It's nice to have a little color in the yard besides the trees.

Wish I was up there to enjoy the snow!

Love ya,

Grammie said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh how I wish you were too! I so need some hands on!! I miss you all just HORRIBLE!!!!!

Susan said...

Love all your updated looks by the way. The new header and all the new pictures... looks beautiful.

Morgan Family said...


I hope it snows when we come up in April, but if it doesn't that'll be fine too because I'm sure ya'll are probably getting tired of it by now!