Thursday, March 25, 2010

His Birthday

Wednesday (the 10th- Ivan's birthday) we planted the garden. I hope to post pics as it progresses! On Saturday he picked to stay at home and play basketball, soccer and fly his remote control airplane he got for his birthday.On Friday night before last we celebrated Ivan's birthday. It was a treat to have D&C and their kids here since they were visiting. So here's some pictures...

Ivan, Drew, and Lewis.... yes, Ivan is riding a pink bike- it's Ellen's but he was letting Lewis borrow his. =)
The 2 newest additions to the Harding family sleeping.... Lilah and Olivia

His cake- it was actually Peanut butter pie w/ an orea crust...SUPER good! =)

Opening Presents....

...with some little helpers.

Ivan and Lewis

Lilah and Ellie


Moms and their babies.
Lydia and Lana

Brandon...he's such a cutie! =)


franny said...

That dessert looks good:) The pic of the two babies sleeping in their seats is cute!

Susan said...

Mmmmm... I want a piece of that peanut butter pie... please!!! :)
Looks like a fun time.