Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Going back a couple weeks....

On April 8th we left to visit all the family that live around each other up North. The trip there and back went really well and we made great time (for us, at least! =)). I took all the pics while we were up there on Grammie's camera since our memory card was messed up. Even though I got all the pictures in the mail from her a few days ago I hadn't gotten around to posting them until now because I've been so busy trying to finish up school.

So, on Friday we kept up the family tradition of Game Night before "Family Day". Aunt Leah does a great job planning games for everyone and we all look forward to it, the little kids especially.

Little Miss Lana

James, Drew, Abby and Ellen....these four had lots of fun together.

One of the kids favorite games was one where you race and see who can dress up the fastest and then run across the room.

Another game we played was Candy Land....but not on the board instead it was in a real place! All the younger kids played this and then the older ones were different things like Mr. Sweetart, Mrs. Goodbar, etc. =) Very creative!


Mae said...

Good job on all the different pictures. Real Candy land sounds fun. :)

Abby said...

Great pix! I have to say... Very creative way to play Candy Land!! Looks fun!!


Joel and Leah said...

miss you guys! You want to come play games tonight??

McLanger said... looks like you all had a lot of fun! What cool ideas:-)