Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The latest....

I can’t believe it’s already April…this is year is the fastest so far (at least it seems that way!). This past week Ellen finished 2nd grade!!! Yeah! =) The rest of us our finishing this year’s worth of school and are looking forward to a 2 month or so break.

Friday we had some friends over and had a great time playing games, talking, and enjoying their company. We look forward to the next time we can get together with the McLains!

This coming Thursday we are leaving to visit all of the family in Ohio! We are hoping to leave around 5:00 a.m. but it’ll be pretty amazing if that actually happens! ;) Andrew was excited this morning to see that there are only 2 days left on the paper chain the little kids made. =) We should get back Saturday week. So anyways, blogging staff will be on vacation for the next couple weeks.

Okay, I know that by now you are probably getting tired of hearing such a factual post and are trying to find my off button so I will close! =) Hope all of you have a great next couple weeks!



grammie said...

We're loving and praying for your safety!
btw...I love the new pics along the side

Susan said...

Have fun on your trip!!!!

Abby said...

Young lady, I am still waiting for pics from your trip. Where are they?! lol Hurry up with them! =0]


Morgan Family said...

Young lady,

I can't post pictures because I took all the pics on Grammie's camera when we were up there because we were having porblems with ours...so I should be getting them in the mail from her in the next week or so and then I'll post! See ya tonight! =) lol