Monday, May 03, 2010

More Family Day....

We spent alot of time outside on Family Day since the weather was SO nice!

Brianna and Abby

James playing osker (soccer). He calls it osker! =)

Two sweet cousins....

Miss A. =)

Lana and Livie. Livie was really sweet with her!

Drew and James

Iv playing cornhole. Him and uncle Joel played this alot! =)

Drew...they loved having all the sidewalks to ride the scooters on!

Adam and Drew being sweet and taking the little girls for a ride. =)

Cousins having fun together.....


Mae said...

Love the picture of the boys pulling them in the wagon. :)

Joel and Leah said...

Charity, you got some really sweet pictures! Thanks for reminding me of the goog memories. I'm glad that you are almost done with school. I'm getting really excited about the little guy who will be joining your family soon. We are going to be counting on you to keep us informed. : ) However, you will have to change your blog name eventually. Love you guys!