Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sisters and William Part 2

William and I.....I just LOVE getting to hold him!

Lana's deep in thought! :-)

Messing with his passy....

Two cuties with their passies! :-)
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Joel and Leah said...

Oh, he is CUTE! The shape of his cheeks and face is so pretty. Lovin all the new pictures. You older ones look like you have done this before. : ) Thank you for letting us get little peeks of him.

grammie said...

Junior, I love your hair cut!
That baby gets prettier everytime I see him!

Hannah said...

Aaawww!!!!! Awesome pictures of all of you and your new little fella'!! He is SO cute. And that's a great pic of you, Love! Really like the shirt! =0]

Mae said...

how sweet - love the one of both with their passies.