Saturday, June 26, 2010

The two year old....

Alanna turned two yesterday!!! We are SO blessed to have her....
She LOVES muffins and any thing of that sort....she calls them cookies! :) Babies are one of her absoulute favorite things in the world...real or plastic! She gets right in the face and says "hi baby!" while cocking her head all different ways. It's SO sweet! One moment she'll be kissing the baby and the next minute she'll be grabbing the baby saying "nice". ;) Such a mess.
We LOVE her generally cheerful disposition! She usually wakes up with a smile on her face. Just seeing her cute little self with her big blue eyes and equally big smile brightens alot of peoples day! She gets so much attention where ever she goes....often she will look at someone she knows well, doesn't know real well or a stranger when they talk to her for a minute and then the next minute she'll have her face buried in the family member she's closest too at the moment. She'll even act bashful around people she sees all the time! Generally she diverts the attention from herself by pointing to other objects or people around her.
Her favorite person outside of our immediate family is most definetly Matt. It's so funny...she'll be talking away or just doing whatever and then she'll stop for a second and say "Matt" with a laugh in her voice because she just thought of him. She was THRILLED when he came over last night....she's been asking for him to come to our house and play in her room with her toys.
She's our little neat freak. She thinks that every drawer, cupboard, door or anything that you can open and close should be closed. She'll see a ribbon coming out of a drawer in the bathroom and she promptly opens the drawer and puts it all the way in it and the closes the drawer and then pushes it again to make sure it is really closed all the way! She always wants her shoes right by each other and enjoys lining all the shoes up. Yes, some of these things may remind some of you of another girl when she was little if you knew me at the time.....:)
Well, these are some things that cuteness does that we thought of at this time. Hope you enjoyed!
She's such a sweet little sister. I along w/ all the rest of us love you TONS & TONS, our sweet Lana-Bana!
I tried to get some of her different faces and expressions for this collage...she's got loads of them! :)
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Joel and Leah said...

Wow! Two years old, that's incredible. Happy Birthday, little Sweetie!

grammie said...

What a wonderful birthday commentary! Thank you Darlin! I eat up every word! I love the pictures! The ones with William tell it all :-) She truly looks like a plastic doll :-) Keep em comin of everybody!!