Monday, July 05, 2010


This little guy is growing like a weed!!! :)

So, you may be wondering why there hasn't been any updates the past week.....our computer wasn't working at all for a week and then since we got it back a couple days ago I hadn't had a chance to post until now! :)

We've pretty much gotten over our sickness except for Mom. She was able to swim for the first time today since the baby was born since it'll be six weeks tommorow. Swimming on a hot summer day is so refreshing!

We are starting back to school tommorow...I have mixed emotions about that! :) That'll make our lives even busier! But I should still find time for posting! :)
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Hannah said...

He's so sweet!! I meant to hold him yesterday, but I TOTALLY forgot!!! Bummer!! lol

grammie said...

BEAUTIFUL!! He is changing so quickly! Has he asked for me yet? .... sorrow......deep sigh....